Monday Reading Check In

Monday Reading Check In

I received an eARC of THE NATURE OF FRAGILE THINGS by Susan Meissner. Thank you to Berkley Publishing and Netgalley! This book is out on February 2, 2021!

Happy Monday, book friends! The first week of 2021 didn’t impress me, full of terrorism at the capital and Covid outbreaks at work, but I’m giving the year the benefit of the doubt and hoping for a better week two! The weekend found me at home with Kylee getting a lot of reading done as I continued to try to get past this lingering cough I have. I’m hoping to keep up the reading momentum this week!

I am currently reading THE NATURE OF FRAGILE THINGS by Susan Meissner. Set in San Francisco beginning in 1905, we’re following a young Irish immigrant woman named Sophie. She accepts an ad for a wife and mother to relocate from New York to California. Within a day she meets her future husband, gets married, picks up her new daughter and moves into a new home. Her husband spends a lot of his time on the road for work so she’s left to largely settle into this new life on her own. From the opening, we know that a year after her marriage comes the great San Francisco earthquake of 1906 which left structures demolished and burned.

This is my first book by Susan Meissner, but I’m finding that her writing style is really easy to settle into and I’ve been flying through the pages! Things seem rushed and almost too good to be true in the beginning, but questions quickly come into play which have me intrigued! I’m buddy reading this one so I’ll be making myself set it aside once I hit the halfway point but I am eager to keep going!

While I did finish off most of my in progress reads over the weekend, I also picked up a few more new ones:

I have started THE COLLECTED STORIES OF EUDORA WELTY by Eudora Welty. I saw that a friend had set up a reading schedule for these stories such that the full collection will be spread out over 2021 and I decided to join in! I’m only a couple stories in, but I appreciate the variety so far and look forward to reading more!

On audio, I’ve started MISERY by Stephen King, this month’s #constantreadersbookclub book pick. This is a reread for me and I remember enjoying it the first time. I like the way King can develop a character who is so easy to hate, but also so intriguing! This one doesn’t pull its punches with the body horror and it isn’t one I could just sit down and read in one sitting, but it really accomplishes what it sets out to do!

For another buddy read, I’ve started PRETTY THINGS by Janelle Brown. This book brings us the points of view of two women, one a con artist named Nina and the other an heiress and social media darling named Vanessa. Nina, along with her boyfriend and accomplice Lachlan, are in need of some fast cash to help out her sick mother and she thinks Vanessa might be just the mark they need. I’ve heard all good things about this one and I am enjoying it so far!

To mix in some non-fiction, I also started WORDSLUT: A FEMINIST GUIDE TO TAKING BACK THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE by Amanda Montell. As the subtitle indicates, this takes a feminist look at words and phrases in the English language and the way certain words have become gendered and turned into insults and curses. It also looks at speech patterns and the origin of terms like gender vs. sex in our common language. It is written in a way that is humorous and approachable and I am finding it fascinating!

Did you get any good reading in this weekend? What are you currently reading?

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