Book Review


Rating: 4 / 5

PRETTY LITTLE WIFE by Darby Kane was our first #SaturdayBookstaClub book pick for 2021 and it was a fun book to discuss to start the year right!

PRETTY LITTLE WIFE centers around Lila Ridgefield, wife to the now missing teacher Aaron. A local podcast has asked the question of whether his disappearance is linked to the disappearance of some young girls in recent years. The police are working all the angles, but they can tell there is more going on with Lila than she is letting on. The reader has the inside scoop behind an even bigger mystery. Lila knows that her husband is dead and why, but what she doesn’t know is why his body is missing.

This is a good book to go into without a lot of extra information. It does an excellent job of moving back and forth in time, introducing new characters and new twists along the way, to keep the reader guessing what exactly happened to Lila and to Aaron. Lila comes across as ice cold and the police have definite suspicions, but Lila is also very smart and isn’t going to make things easy on anyone. Lila isn’t always an easy character to like, but the author does a fantastic job of slowly revealing more about the characters to opinions changing!

This was a very fast read and it kept me hooked throughout wanting to know the answers. It was a great book to chat about too because there were a lot of theories to parse out midway and a lot of questions about the final decisions characters made in the end! There were a few strings that I maybe would have wanted tied up a bit more by the author, but these were really minor.

I absolutely recommend this one to the thriller fans! I will be watching out for what Darby Kane brings us next!

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