Book Review


Rating: 3.5 / 5

A BIG SHIP AT THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE was the January book for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. It is not one I was familiar with, so went into it pretty much blind.

A BIG SHIP AT THE EDGE OF UNIVERSE follows two primary characters. Boots is a former treasure hunter who now makes ends meet by faking documents and selling them. She is the target of a killer hot on her tail and seeking an escape. Nilah is a driver in the racing federation, but she’s been framed for murder and she only knows that the killer is the same woman after Boots. Though initially strangers, they wind up in each other’s paths, captured by Boots’ former shipmates. As danger ensues, the crew of the ship must join Boots and Nilah in escape. Together they set out to chase down a lead for the Harrow, a famous warship which could bring untold riches.

There were a lot of elements that I enjoyed in this one. I found the racing to be very interesting. Instead of just mechanics and speed, the racers utilize magic in combination with skill and technology. There was a diverse cast and different characters exhibit different types of magic. I did enjoy some of the action sequences as well.

In spite of all these elements, I didn’t feel like everything came together for me to truly love it. I felt like it took me a while to really connect with Boots and Nilah and the side characters were often less than distinct and memorable. While I usually enjoy a good found family story, I didn’t fully see the connections develop between characters to become real family. Similarly, with the variety of magics and the way they were used, I really would have wanted a bit more depth and explanation.

This book does wrap up neatly to act as a standalone which I appreciated, even though it is the start of a series. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a series I will be continuing but I will look forward to seeing reviews to see if they may change my mind.

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