Book Review

THE WIFE UPSTAIRS by Rachel Hawkins

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE WIFE UPSTAIRS was our second #SaturdayBookstaClub book pick for January and it is one I was especially eager to read. It is a retelling of JANE EYRE which is a classic I really enjoyed and it received rave reviews from some of my most trusted booksta friends!

THE WIFE UPSTAIRS’ Jane is a young woman trying to make ends meet as a dog walker in an expensive gated community. It is the type of community where the wives don’t work at anything except one upping each other on the latest gossip. When Jane meets Eddie, things seem to be turning in her favor. Eddie’s wife Bea was presumed dead by drowning along with her best friend. When she’s hired to walk Eddie’s dog, Jane sees an opportunity in the wealthy widower, but the memory of Bea and all of her past successes is still looming.

I think in many ways this is a book that is great to go into pretty blind. I knew going in that this retold the story of Jane Eyre, but the author did a fantastic job of paying homage to the original story while writing something completely new and different. If you’ve read the original you will definitely see similarities, but reading JANE EYRE certainly isn’t needed to love this one! I really loved the twists she put into this novel, going in entirely different directions with her character and plot development.

This isn’t a book where you can go in expecting to love the characters themselves (in the buddy read chat, we decided that the dogs really were the most loveable), but you will love to read about them. We get multiple perspectives with present day narratives and flashbacks to gain knowledge of the past as well and I was really hooked to all of the perspectives.

This is a quick and fun read with some intriguing twists along the way that I absolutely recommend! It made for a fantastic discussion book as well!

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#AroundtheYearin52Books – a book published in 2021

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