Book Review

THIS CLOSE TO OKAY by Leesa Cross-Smith

Rating: 5 / 5

I really loved Leesa Cross-Smith’s short story collection SO WE CAN GLOW so I immediately added her new book THIS CLOSE TO OKAY to my TBR when I saw it announced. When it came as a BOTM option, it was the easiest choice ever which book to grab!

THIS CLOSE TO OKAY begins on a bridge on a night in October. Licensed therapist Tallie is driving when she spots a man about to commit suicide and must intervene. Unsure exactly what to do, Tallie makes the bold decision to take this unnamed stranger in as she tries to unbury the secrets he is keeping about himself and about what drove him to this point. Over the course of a weekend, Tallie and the man she originally only knows in her head as “Bridge” for the place they met delve deep, divulging truths about their lives and their hurts.

I went into this book with high expectations and I am happy to say this one lived up to my hopes! The author’s writing is astounding and she manages to pull the reader into the hearts and minds of her characters. Though the reader doesn’t know more about this man than Tallie does initially we do get his Point of View also. I loved the way his POV shifted over the course of the book as he opened up more to Tallie and to the reader when we are hearing his voice. Though very much a character driven story, there are elements of mystery which keep the reader guessing as well.

While there are some ethical boundaries in question tied to Tallie’s professional license and how she deals with a stranger she just met, Tallie’s perspective as a therapist was interesting as well. I felt like issues of trauma and safety and depression were well handled. There are still definite triggers in this book, however, so it is good to go in prepared.

Once again I loved Leesa Cross-Smith’s writing and look forward to more from her in the future! I definitely highly recommend that you pick up THIS CLOSE TO OKAY!!

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