Book Review

THE BETWEEN by Tananarive Due

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I took down the name Tananarive Due from a list I saw last year of Black authors who wrote thrillers and have been wanting to pick up one of her books ever since. THE BETWEEN one had me intrigued from the synopsis so I was eager to read it!

THE BETWEEN begins with a death… kind of. As a young boy Hilton was raised by his elderly grandmother. He came home to find her dead one day. He runs off for help in a panic, only to come back and find his grand mother up and about. He’s the only one who knows that something is a little off. Hilton himself narrowly escapes death when his grandmother sacrifices her own life to pull him out of a powerful riptide.

In the present day, thirty years have passed and Hilton is a husband and father with a busy career in social work. His wife is the first Black judge in Dade County, Florida and has a lot of attention on her including someone who is sending her death threats. Hilton himself is beginning to experience strange things including hallucinations of his own death. He’s beginning to think that he and his family have escaped death once too often and that he is running out of time!

I really didn’t know what to expect going into this book, but the author’s writing really blew me away. The premise is a little creepy to begin with, but Hilton’s dreams are really haunting! Reading from his perspective we’re getting a sense of his confusion. His hallucinations or dreams are becoming ever more real and he’s losing track of what reality is. There were times where I was extremely frustrated with his decisions (and to be fair, he was frustrated right along with me), only to have the author upend the narrative with another question of what actually happened and what was only imagined.

This one kept me guessing and wanting to know what was going on as the author dished out tidbits and insights along the way. I will absolutely be looking to pick up more from Tananarive Due in the future!

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