Book Review

THE INHERITANCE GAMES by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I had seen a few great reviews for THE INHERITANCE GAMES by Jennifer Lynne Barnes and it sounded like a fun read! I was kindly gifted a copy of this one by a friend and I added it to my March TBR only to find myself unable to wait, adding this to my February reading.

THE INHERITANCE GAMES follows high school student Avery. She is living with her half-sister, though trying her best to avoid being home around the sister’s abusive boyfriend, and she’s just trying to make it through school so she can graduate and move on to her own life. Out of blue Avery learns that billionaire Tobias Hawthorne has died and left her the vast majority of his fortune. She has no idea who this man was or why he would have singled her out as heir. His family is also very confused and VERY upset by this turn of events. In order to keep the inheritance Avery must move to Texas and move into Tobias’ home with his entire family.

Tobias was a big fan of puzzles and games, often testing his grandsons in complicated quests to find answers. Soon Avery finds herself on the hunt for answers too along with Tobias’ grandsons who each have their own takes on their grandfather’s confusing move. Avery is slowly uncovering secrets about the Hawthorne family and the tragedies of the past, trying to draw a link between her life and theirs.

It was so much fun to uncover the secrets of the Hawthorne family and Hawthorne house along with Avery. I wound up flying through this book! The author does a great job of keeping up the intrigue and the pace as things are revealed and loyalties are questioned. Avery finds herself with her life on the line as unknown people seek to knock down the Hawthorne heir. This is quite the change of pace from her normal existance!

This book does wrap up a good number of the mysteries, but it definitely leaves some things on a cliffhanger that have me eager for book two which is out later this year! This was a very fun read and one I’d recommend!

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