Monday Reading Check In

I received a gifted copy of THE HEMINGWAY STORIES by Ernest Hemingway, selected and introduced by Tobias Wolfe from Scribner Books.

Hello and good morning book friends! It is a rainy Monday morning here in Southern California – a definite rarity! I had a slightly long weekend, kicking it off early on Friday with lunch out at an actual restaurant (outside, but still) and then did some book shopping on Saturday capped off with a visit to a new(ish) local brew hall which has nice outdoor seating for a happy hour / dinner with my BFF and Kylee! Sunday was for projects and reading and finishing off a wonderful weekend! I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!

For today’s current read, I have THE HEMINGWAY STORIES, a new issue collection of the best of Ernest Hemingway’s short works. This edition is featured in a new “Hemingway” documentary, a three-part work by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick that will be premiering on PBS in early April! There are a few titles that I recognized as classics and some that are definitely still new to me.

Back when vacations were still a thing (remember that?), I actually had the chance to visit the Hemingway Home museum in Key West for a tour. I have been very interested in reading more of his work, so was thrilled to be offered a copy of THE HEMINGWAY STORIES! This collection gives the reader a variety of stories written between 1925-1939. This is one that I’ll be keeping in my currently reading stack to continue to pick up some stories here and there and I definitely want to check out the documentary as well!

In other reading, I started SALVATION DAY by Kali Wallace. This is set in space aboard an abandoned ship where a virus killed off the original inhabitants. A team has come to take it over for themselves, but the virus may still be a threat. I made it over halfway in last night and will be continuing today.

I am also at the halfway point for LOST, FOUND, AND FOREVER by Victoria Schade (out from Berkley on 3/30/21) as part of a buddy read. This is a fun romance read centered around a pup who was lost and then found and now has two owners who both love him and lay claim to him.

Lastly I picked up RIOT BABY by Tochi Onyebuchi which is for an afrofuturism reading prompt. Ella has special gifts which include glimpses of the future and making things fly. Her brother Kev was born during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles and he’s set on protecting Ella from herself.

How was your weekend? What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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