Book Review


Rating: 3 / 5

I buddy read the SHADES OF MAGIC series by V.E. Schwab with a friend over the past few months and really enjoyed the series (enough so that we’re moving on to reading some more V.E. Schwab together. I happened to notice that there was a graphic novels series that was part of the Shades of Magic universe and of course I had to investigate!⁠

This series is a prequel of sorts to the trilogy of novels, though it absolutely works as a stand alone series. From the author’s notes in the back of one of the books, she explains that this series is fleshing out some of the trials that King Maxim had to go through back when he was a prince which are only briefly mentioned in the novels themselves. You definitely don’t need to know the story of the books to follow the story of the graphic novels.⁠

These stories are very dark, set in a pretty downtrodden area prone to violence. The art style definitely sets this tone well, though it wasn’t my favorite style. There are some very stunning panels, however, and I did really like how the magic was depicted. The stories were entertaining and easy to read with a lot of drama to keep the pace moving.⁠

Overall I did enjoy these, though I didn’t enjoy them as much as the affiliated novels. Still, I was glad to have been able to pick them up from my library!⁠

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