Book Review

WARBREAKER by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 5 / 5

I have been participating in a readalong of Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive series over the past few months. During the last live show (for OATHBRINGER), it was highly suggested that a few of Sanderson’s other backlist titles be read before the final book of the readalong (RHYTHEM OF WAR) since they are interconnected. WARBREAKER was one of these books and since it was readily available on audio from the library I immediately downloaded it.

Though this book is connected to the wider realm of Sanderson’s Cosmere, WARBREAKER is the only book (for now) in its own series. There is a planned second book, but it is likely years off and thankfully WARBREAKER really feels like a complete story without cliffhangers.

In WARBREAKER, an oldest sister has been promised to the God King of a neighboring kingdom, but the younger and somewhat rebellious sister is sent instead. The God King rules a realm where the prevailing religion posits that men who die glorious return as gods, but not all of the gods believe in their own divinity. The central characters must draw on the magic which comes from breath and color to prevent further harm to the world.

I really loved this book! Sanderson has a way of building complex worlds and systems of magic, but making them entirely logical. With a large cast of characters and multiple POVs, he does really well also at keeping the reader reminded about everything that is going on that the reader needs to know. This all makes a world full of complexities really approachable. I really enjoyed seeing the sisters at work circumventing the established order in this one. Lightsong was another fantastic character with a great sense of humor.

With only one book in this series, it was one I was tempted to pass by, I am so glad that I picked it up. It was great on audio as well and kept me hooked to fly through this big book in only a matter of a couple days!

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