Book Review

SALVATION DAY by Kali Wallace

Rating: 4 / 5

SALVATION DAY by Kali Wallace was the March book pick for the Deep Dark Reads buddy read on Instagram. I knew nothing about this one going in, but it sounded really intriguing!

SALVATION DAY is primarily set on an abandoned spaceship, House of Wisdom. This ship was once a functioning vessel, but a deadly virus quickly overtook and killed almost everyone on board and the ship has been left adrift. Zahra is heading a crew sent to salvage the ship for her people. In order to gain access, they must kidnap Jaswinder who was the sole survivor, sent off the ship by his mother in order to save his life. As such he is the only one capable of getting past the ship’s security systems since he was a registered occupant.

Things quickly begin to go wrong when they approach the ship and soon they realize they underestimated the dangers on board the ship. Locked on board a semi-functional ship with the dead and the aftermath of the deadly virus, they face serious dangers for which they are seriously underprepared.

This book grabbed my attention early on and just didn’t let go. We’re getting alternating POVs between Zahra and Jas, each with their own ties to the past and differing perspectives on the dangers they face. This author managed to combine horror, thriller and sci fi vibes very well and there were twists that I absolutely didn’t see coming. I flew through this book in about a day!

This was my first Kali Wallace book but I absolutely will be adding more to my TBR. I’m hearing great things about the newly released DEAD SPACE!

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