Monday Reading Check In

I was gifted a copy of I’M WAITING FOR YOU AND OTHER STORIES by Kim Bo-young by Harper Voyager / William Morrow Books.

Happy Monday book friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! My weekend was a good one for reading – the weather finally cooled off a bit and I was able to snuggle up with my pup and my book! The highlight of the weekend was hitting up a local brew house for some delicious food and some new spring beers with my BFF. I have quite a few books on the go right now for buddy reads with mid-way chats over the next several days.

This morning’s reading check in begins with I’M WAITING FOR YOU, a short story collection by Kim Bo-young. This is a science fiction short story collection and one I’m excited to get into. I’ve been trying to add more short stories to my reading so I can pick up a story here and there throughout the month and this one will be good for that. I am just getting started on this one, so look for a full review to come at a later date, but so far I am enjoying it! I’M WAITING FOR YOU is out tomorrow – 4/6/2021!

In other reading, there is quite a bit!

THE KINDRED SPIRITS SUPPER CLUB by Amy E. Reichert (Berkley Publishing, 4/20/21) is a unique twist on the typical romcom. Sabrina is down on her luck after losing her job in journalism so she’s back home with her family when she meets Ray, a charming man, new to town, that she keeps bumping into. Their meet cute in the middle of a food fight is complicated by Sabrina’s social anxieties and by the fact that the women in her family can see and talk to ghosts. This has been a really fun read and I look forward to finishing it tonight after a buddy read chat about the first half.

THIS GOLDEN FLAME by Emily Victoria is a book I received in my FairyLoot box and when I pulled a reading challenge prompt to read a book set in a made up place, I decided to pick this fantasy up hoping it would qualify since the FairyLoot readalong is happening for it this week. In this novel Karis lives in a place where giant automaton used to protect and serve the world but they have long since gone silent. Karis discovers a unique automaton and manages to awake him, hoping he can help her in her quest to find her brother. I’m only a few chapters in but it is an easy read and I’m enjoying it so far!

LITTLE PIECES OF ME by Alison Hammer (William Morrow, 4/13/21) follows Page, a woman still grieving the death of her father when she receives a notification that a DNA profiling company has identified a new paternal match for her which means that her father isn’t really her father. We are following both Paige in the days after this discovery and her parents, 40 years earlier to determine Paige’s origin story and both timelines have me hooked! I have joined a book tour for this one as well with Let’s Talk Book Promo so I look forward to discussing what I have read so far!

THE DEAD SEASON by Tessa Wegert (out now!) is another one that I am reading with thanks to Let’s Talk Books. I read and loved the first installment in the author’s Shanna Merchant series so I was excited for the gifted copy of book two. I am halfway into this one ahead of our book chat tomorrow and I can’t want to finish it! This one picks up a bit after book one left off. Shanna is on leave from work, but there are two cases which suck her in for both professional and personal reasons. I am captivated by the mysteries but also love that the author is focusing in on Shanna’s well being after the trauma she has experienced.

MAGIC LESSONS by Alice Hoffman is my first BOTM book of the month for a friend’s BOTM backlist April readathon. This is a recent prequel addition to the author’s Practical Magic series. I did read the first book many years back, though I can’t say I remember it very well. I am finding this an easy read though I wouldn’t say I’m fully hooked just yet about the quarter way in mark. I am glad that this readathon finally pushed me to pick this up, though!

So yeah – this week is going to be a lot of chatting about books and then finishing what I have already started! What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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