Book Review

THE WELL OF ASCENSION by Brandon Sanderson

Rating: 5 / 5

I joined a readalong for the Brandon Sanderson Cosmere books last year and absolutely loved the first few reads of his. Unfortunately that readalong fell apart after the first couple of books and I didn’t get to the remaining books. This year I joined in on a readalong for the Stormlight Archive books in the Cosmere and I have really been enjoying these books as well and have been wanting to get back to the rest of the initial Mistborn trilogy. Well, during the last Stormlight Archive live show, it was highly recommended that people read the original Mistoborn trilogy before reading RHYTHM OF WAR, so I immediately picked up THE WELL OF ASCENSION for some catch up reading!

Beginning with THE FINAL EMPIRE, the Mistborn trilogy is set in a dark world covered in ash where a dark lord ruler has control. We are following a group of rebels following Kelsier, a criminal mastermind who had been sent to his death but survived. He and his band of misfits are planning to raise a successful rebellion against the Dark Lord. One of the latest additions to the rebellion is Vin, a young woman who Kelsier takes on as an apprentice of sorts to help her harness the magical powers she isn’t even fully aware she has. All of this is just the plot of book one because it is impossible to even speak to what is happening in book two without some serious spoilers.

These are not short books (each one coming in around 700 pages, but the writing and the action really had me flying through this book! Given the scope of these books and the large cast of characters, something that really impresses me with Sanderson’s writing is how he manages to remind the reader of what they need to know when they need to know it without it feeling forced. That frees you up to enjoy the action without having to worry about memorizing the politics, the magic system and the characters.

Sanderson doesn’t pull punches when it comes to the damage he inflicts on his beloved characters so it always feels like the stakes are high. I really enjoy the way he builds his magic systems in his books. In each series there are differences, but there is a well built out logic behind each one.

I flew through this book and it left me eager to pick up the third book right away to see how this part of the series concludes!

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