Book Review


I received a complimentary copy of THE TRUTH AND OTHER HIDDEN THINGS by Lea Geller with thinks to Amazon publishing and the author as part of a Let’s Talk Books promotional tour!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE TRUTH AND OTHER HIDDEN THINGS begins with main character Bells having a really bad day. In her early 40s, Bells is shocked to learn that her IUD has failed meaning she is about to have a baby. She also learns that her husband doesn’t get tenure at the university which means their family will be needing to make a move really soon to find new prospects.

Soon Bells and her family is moving to Pigkill in Dutchess county into a money pit of a university owned house and a neighborhood far from what she has dreamed of. Finding a writing job is proving difficult so when the uber competitive moms of Pigkill rub her the wrong way, Bells takes her revenge by penning a blog post as the County Dutchess, airing all the dirty secrets. What could possibly go wrong?

This was a really fun read overall, thought I will admit I had my moments of frustration with Bells. I could absolutely feel for her as her life is slowly unraveling around her. The house is smelly, the kids are in turmoil, her husband is settling in and Bells is feeling adrift. Her BFF back in Manhattan recommends she try to meet some moms, tries to fit in and find a support network… Bells decides to go in a totally different direction.

Some of what Bells uncovers to write about it juicy gossip and amusing to read, but she does cross quite a few lines along the way. Even as she is warned that there will be problems for herself and her family if she continues down this road, she just can’t help herself. You know the crash is coming, but you just can’t look away!

THE TRUTH AND OTHER HIDDEN THINGS just released on Tuesday! This was a fun read and it made for some great buddy read conversations so it is well worth adding to your TBRs!

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