Monday Reading Check In

I was gifted a copy of IN THE QUICK by Kate Hope Day with thanks to Random House.

Happy Monday book friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! My weekend was a good one for the most part. I kicked it off early by taking Friday evening off and spending the evening with friends, take out and my pup Kylee for entertainment. I also made some progress on catching up on book reviews which felt good, though I do still have quite a long way to go!

This morning’s reading check in begins with IN THE QUICK by Kate Hope Day. This is a scifi story following June, a girl with a gift for working with mechanical things. She had a close relationship with her uncle who worked on developing the fuel cells used on the Inquiry spacecraft which went missing with all crew presumed lost. The blame fell back on her uncle after his death, but June doesn’t believe they’re really gone.

We’re following June from the time of her uncle’s death and Inquiry’s launch as she leaves for an astronaut training program. Six years later, her skills have landed her as an engineer on a space station, getting to put those skills to work in a real life setting. Still, she hasn’t forgotten the crew of Inquiry as she continues to seek out proof that they are still alive.

I am really enjoying this one. The synopsis says it mixes scifi and a love story, but I wouldn’t say that romance plays a big part in what I’ve read so far, well past the halfway mark. I do enjoy June’s character and the loyalty she has to her uncle’s memory and her determination to get things done. I am hoping to be able to finish this up tonight!

In other reading….

I am halfway into THE SOCIAL GRACES by Renée Rosen (gifted copy from Berkley and Netgalley, pub date 4/20/2021). This story pits Mrs. Vanderbilt against Mrs. Astor, two well to do women in a time period where social status is critical and both are vying for the role of society’s queen in a new money vs. old money battle. I am really enjoying this one and look forward to the buddy read discussion for it this week!

I started THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough which is our April/May pick for the Classics Buddy Read that I help to host. I picked it up thinking I’d read a bit at a time, but I found the story very bingeable and flew through to our first discussion point for next weekend’s chat! This follows the Cleary family over the years. They have moved to a remote area of Australia to work on some family owned land. The work is tough and full of dangers. I very much look forward to continuing on this one!

I am also about one hundred pages into BIRTH AND OTHER SURPRISES by Kimberly Davis Basso. After enjoying her last book I’M A LITTLE BRAIN DEAD recently, I was happy to join in on a Let’s Talk Books tour for her second memoir. Though I’m not a mother myself, I am enjoying Kimberly’s humor throughout this book!

This week is going to be another one full of books and book chats and trying to finish some of these books before starting new ones! What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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