Book Review

THE DEAD SEASON by Tessa Wegert

I received a complimentary copy of THE DEAD SEASON by Tessa Wegert from the author as part of a Let’s Talk Books promotional tour!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE DEAD SEASON is the second book in the author’s series following detective Shana Merchant. In this novel she is dealing with the after effects both of her last case from book one and her experiences prior to the series’ beginning. She’s on leave from work, preparing to get back to it, when her the long dead body of the uncle everyone thought had left town is discovered.

This has Shana heading home to look into what happened. Though her personal connection won’t allow her on the case, she has insights into her complicated family history to offer. At the same time, Shana’s past has come back to haunt her in her new home. Shana is soon wrapped up in two very personal cases while still dealing with her own traumas from the past.

I won an ARC copy of the first Shana Merchant novel, DEATH IN THE FAMILY, and really enjoyed it, so I was eager to sign up for this book tour! In book one Shana is trying to recover from being kidnapped and I did really like how the author portrayed that experience impacting Shana’s work and life even as the book produced a solid mystery. We see this again in this novel as more comes to light about Shana’s experience with some twists I did not expect.

In addition to Shana’s own mystery, this book brings in a new mystery as well tied to Shana’s family. Where the first book was essentially a locked room mystery, this book has a much larger scope in terms settings and casts of characters. I was very impressed with the way the author made both very different stories work! There are a lot of messy family ties and complicated history to unpack along the way!

I think it was helpful having read book one first, but this would work as a standalone. There are details that are kept pretty vague initially about Shana’s past, but that was the case in book one as well, so I didn’t feel there was information missing for the reader had this book been picked up first. That said, I highly recommend both books for the mystery fans! I definitely will be hoping to read more from Tessa Wegert in the future!

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