Book Review

THE LOST LOVE SONG by Minnie Darke

Rating: 4 / 5

THE LOST LOVE SONG by Minnie Darke was an adult Once Upon a Book Club book box pick. This is another book that hadn’t really been on my radar before I got it in the box, but I had seen some good reviews so was excited to check it out. I picked it for a book outside my usual reading genre for a recent readathon as well!

THE LOST LOVE SONG begins with a relationship in trouble. Arie wants to marry Diana but she is dragging her heels and Arie has asked her to make up her mind while she is traveling. Diana is a musician and she composes a song for Arie, a beautiful song that is overheard and instantly loved. Unfortunately Diana is never able to play the song for Arie, but the song takes on a life of it’s own, moving from person to person as they recognize the beauty and love therein.

Meanwhile, Evie has determined that it is time to return home to Australia after another flop of a relationship. In her travels, she too hears and falls for Diana’s love song, a song that will bring her connections she doen’t expect.

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this book and it managed to surprise me how much I fell for this story. I loved hearing the ways the song passes through different hands and connected different people in different places around the world. Though the scope of the journey is big, I was also really impressed how well the author was able to dig into the characters of Arie and Evie and issues of friendship, love, family loyalty and grief.

I wound up picking this one up on audio as well and the dual narrators did a fantastic job. I really enjoyed the experience of reading and opening my gifts along the way with this one! This is another time where this book box brings me a book I likely wouldn’t have picked up otherwise but really wound up enjoying!

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