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SPARKS LIKE STARS by Nadia Hashimi

I received a complimentary copy of SPARKS LIKE STARS by Nadia Hashimi from William Morrow Books!

Rating: 5 / 5

SPARKS LIKE STARS follows the life of Sitara Zamani beginning in 1978 Kabul. She is the daughter of a prominent family with her father acting as a close associate of Afghanistan’s president. Her family has led a good life until a communist coup destroys their world, leaving only Sitara alive. Sitara is smuggled out of the palace and taken to an American diplomat who manages to get her to America to live as her adoptive daughter.

In 2008 New York, Sitara is working as a doctor when the guard who once smuggled her to safety appears as a patient. Though he was the one who saved her life, he was an active participant in the events that killed her entire family and way of life and she finds herself incredibly conflicted. This inner turmoil prompts her to return to the country of her birth to try to find answers as to what happened to her family.

I have to say I was initially intrigued by this book because of the gorgeous cover which thankfully caught my eye and convinced me to pick up the book because I wound up loving it. The writing immediately drew me in and Sitara’s character really pulled on the heart and kept me wanting to know more about her and about what happened in her life!

This book has a little of everything. We’ve got interesting characters and multi-layered relationships. The entire process of getting Sitara out of Afghanistan and to America is an adventure story in and of itself. There are also elements of mystery as Sitara goes back to her home country and tries to determine where her family has been laid to rest. In all it is a beautifully written and complex story that kept me thoroughly hooked!

I absolutely recommend this book and will certainly be looking to read more from Nadia Hashimi!

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