Book Review

NULL SET by S.L. Huang

Rating: 4 / 5

I read and enjoyed ZERO SUM GAME by S.L. Huang when I read it last year after having the pleasure of meeting the author at an author event. I had passed my copy along to my best friend who also really enjoyed it, so when I pulled a prompt to read a book that I think my best friend would like, the sequel NULL SET seemed an easy choice! It also worked out perfectly that Kylee and I were able to take the book picture in my friend’s back yard!

NULL SET is the second book in a series following Cas Russell, a woman who uses math as her super power in her work as a mercenary. Her quick thinking mind can calculate the right approach to most any problem, but she can’t remember how she came to be this way. As bits of the past come back to her it begins to negatively impact her mind and she fears she’s going to be lost to insanity. As if this isn’t enough, she’s managed to get herself in trouble with just about every bad guy in the region.

I really enjoyed where this book took the story and the protagonist Cas. This book was slightly less action packed than the first book and more cerebral in the focus on Cas’ mental health and the minds of those around her. This incorporates scifi and thriller elements and it really keeps you hooked on the story. I picked up the audio for this one and I thought that was incredibly well done as well!

This is a fun series with a unique protagonist and I am really looking forward to seeing what’s next for Cas in the third installment, CRITICAL POINT!

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