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Monday Reading Check In

I received a complementary eARC of DIAL A FOR AUNTIES by Jesse Q. Sutanto from Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley.

Happy Monday book friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend! I had a lovely day out with my best friend on Saturday, getting out into the SoCal sunshine! This week is not one I’ve been looking forward to. Beginning this week I am scheduled to start easing back into working in the office, just part time this week but heading toward a full switch back to office life. It is going to be quite the transition!

A fun weekend was rounded out with some fun reading and my current read is DIAL A FOR AUNTIES and I am loving it! This novel follows a Chinese-Indonesian family of women, a family that feels itself cursed such that all the men in the family – husbands, uncles, sons – abandon the family. This puts the pressure on the sole family daughter Meddy to stand by her mother and her aunties. When a blind date goes horribly wrong for Meddy resulting an accidental murder, things are just getting moving.

I absolutely flew through the first half of this book and had to make myself stop at the halfway point for a buddy read chat today. While this isn’t what you’d call a realistic situation, the over the top hilarity is so much fun. We’ve got the danger of being caught combined with the sudden reappearance of Meddy’s one who got away, wedding snafus and bickering aunties to keep the action going! I am so excited to finish this one up tonight!

I was able to wrap up quite a few of my in progress reads over the weekend as well, but of course I don’t only have the one book on the go!

I am currently reading BIRTH AND OTHER SURPRISES by Kimberly Davis Basso. I had this one on my shelf so decided to join in on a book tour to buddy read it. I really enjoyed the author’s I’M A LITTLE BRAIN DEAD recently so was happy to pick up her next book. This one focuses on issues of pregnancy, birth and mother hood and I’m once again really enjoying the humor while also learning quite a bit!

THE THORN BIRDS by Colleen McCullough is our Classics Buddy Read for April/May. I didn’t know much about this one going in, but I was shocked at how quickly I got immersed in this family saga based in Australia. The conditions they’re loving in are often harsh and some of the relationships are definitely a bit scandalous but I’m intrigued to seeing where this is going!

I just started THE CIRCLE by Stephen J. Galgon for a buddy read. We are following a man named Doug who is living a pretty average life when he suddenly finds himself thrust into a very weird situation with a group of men with money to burn and finds himself fighting for his life.

I am also continuing on with I’M WAITING FOR YOU by Kim Bo-young as featured in last week’s check in. I picked this one up on audio over the weekend as I was working on some projects and I’m enjoying it on audio as well as in print. I’m not very far into it, but so far it is a quick and gripping read!

So yeah – this week is going to be a lot of chatting about books and then finishing what I have already started! What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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