Book Review

RIOT BABY by Tochi Onyebuchi

Rating: 3.5 / 5

I located RIOT BABY by Tochi Onyebuchi on a list of Afrofuturistic novels and selected it for a Popsugar reading challenge prompt.

Riot baby follows Ella and her brother Kev. Ella is born with very powerful abilities to see the future of those around her and other expanding abilities. Their world is greatly defined by racism, including Kev’s birth during the Los Angeles race riots of 92.

As a Young Man Kev is arrested for the crime of being Black. Ella uses her abilities to visit her brother in jail, to contemplate their past and future.

There is a lot of story packed into this novella length book. Ella has so much power but her frustration is just as strong that her abilities can’t prevent the Injustice of our judicial system.

There were a few times where I was confused with the jumps in perspective, but overall really enjoyed the story. The scifi/supernatural twist on an all too real story of injustice really had an impact!

Reading Challenges:

#PopsugarReadingChallenge – an Afrofuturist book

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