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Rating: 5 / 5

I recently read and really enjoyed I’M A LITTLE BRAIN DEAD by Kimberly Davis Basso, so when I saw that Let’s Talk Books was doing a tour for her more recent book BIRTH AND OTHER SURPRISES, I was happy to sign up since I had the book sitting on my shelf!

Much like her previous book, BIRTH AND OTHER SURPRISES is a combination of the serious and the humorous. Kimberly shares her life experiences of birth, childhood and parenting. She covers both the positives and the struggles that go along with life in a family. The book is written with a bit of mixed media including lists, essays, poems and definitions. It is written such that you can pick it up and binge read it or open it up to a section at random.

As a parent only to a furry child, I always wonder if a book with birth in the title will be “for me”, but I didn’t need to have worried. I found this to be a very interesting and humorous read. There were sections that were very educational and places where I was laughing out loud. We had a lot of fun discussing this book in the buddy read chat as well!

This would be a fantastic Mother’s Day gift or baby shower gift – a combination parenting book and memoir that looks at life through a funny lens.

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