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THIS GOLDEN FLAME by Emily Victoria

Rating: 4 / 5

I received this beautiful special edition of THIS GOLDEN FLAME by Emily Victoria in a Fairy Loot box and I decided to jump in for the readalong hosted on their community page.

THIS GOLDEN FLAME follows Karis, a young woman who was orphaned at a young age and separated from her brother. She is forced to work for the scribes who rule over her country. They are seeking to find out how to control the ancient and long silent automatons around them.

All Karis really wants to do is escape and go find her brother. Along the way she locates a unique automaton and manages to somehow awaken it. This automaton, Alix, is vaguely human in design. Alix has been asleep for a couple hundred years and doesn’t have a clear recollection of what happened or why all of the automatons were shut down.

I really enjoyed reading this. It provided a good combination of science fiction with a great adventure story. It also has a very diverse cast. The book gives us alternating perspectives between Karis and Alix and I really enjoyed watching their friendship grow. As their adventure continues additional friends and enemies are added to the cast of characters with interesting and often complicated relationships.

Overall this was definitely a fun read and I would look to pick up more from this author in the future!

Reading Challenges:

#AroundTheYearIn52Books – a book set in a made-up place

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