Book Review

DO NO HARM by Christina McDonald

Rating: 4 / 5

I won a copy of DO NO HARM by Christina McDonald. Since I had really enjoyed the author’s previous novels, I was excited to pick it up!

DO NO HARM follows a woman in an impossibly heartbreaking situation. Emma is a wife, mother and doctor living a fantastic life, but things are all thrown off track when her son Josh is diagnosed with a rare and dangerous cancerous. There is a treatment available, but it is new and not covered by insurance and her family does not have the needed money.

Willing to do anything to save the life of her young son, Emma decides to use her medical license to explore the world of selling drugs. With her husband a police detective, her deceptions are even more precarious and the danger becomes real when someone winds up dead.

This is a difficult book to review in some ways. I was immediately drawn into the story and loved the writing. While I could understand Emma’s heartbreak over the potential loss of her son and could absolutely understand wanting to do anything in your power to save him, I did struggle with her decision to deal in drugs and ruin potentially countless other lives.

That aside, this is a read that kept me hooked throughout and guessing as to how this was going to turn out. Even though I struggled with Emma’s decision, I was pulling for her to come out of this in tact. I definitely will be picking up more from Christina McDonald in the future!

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