Book Review

MAZIE by Melanie Crowder

Rating: 4 / 5

I received MAZIE by Melaie Crowder in my YA Once Upon a Book Club box. This is a book I wasn’t at all familiar with before the book hint came out. It isn’t my usual type of read, but that’s the fun of this book box!

MAZIE follows the title character in the 1950s. She has lived her whole life in small town Nebraska, but she dreams of the lights of Broadway. She has a boyfriend Jesse who she truly loves, but he’s tied to his family farm and Mazie knows that their time together has an end date somewhere in the future. When she suddenly comes into some money, the time to break Jesse’s heart (and her own) comes sooner than expected.

The world of show business is exhausting and her heart is still partially back in Nebraska with her family and with Jesse. Mazie has limited funds but unlimited passion for finding a role on Broadway, but it is a struggle from day one and she must balance questions of her own identity and what she’s willing to do to get into the business.

I wound up really enjoying Mazie’s story much more than I expected! There is a bit of romance and angst, but it was very much a coming of age story for Mazie. I enjoyed the little snippets of life in the 50s as well since it isn’t a time period I read a lot about.

Mazie winds up in an ideal situation in a lot of ways when she heads to New York, lucking out with a few supportive friends to show her the ropes. Still, it is a tough road she has to follow with a lot of decisions to be made. I think the author did well at showing Mazie’s turmoil in deciding which parts of her heart and her dreams mattered the most and who she really wants to be.

This was a fun read and the gifts that came along with it in the subscription box added a lot to the experience. Use my code DGREADS10 for 10% off your order if you’re interested in giving this box a try!

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