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PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry (Out Today!)

I received a gifted galley of PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION by Emily Henry for an honest review. Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review!

Publication Date: 5/11/2021

Rating: 4 / 5

PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION follows travel writer Poppy and her teacher best friend Alex. By random chance they met in college and learned they had very little in common, but still a solid friendship emerged. Over the years they have gone on vacation together during Alex’s summer vacations, first traveling on a limited budget for her travel blog and eventually starting to graduate to more elaborate plans on her travel mag employer’s dime.

In the present day, however, something has gone wrong and the relationship has fallen flat, though the reader isn’t quite sure what happened. Feeling a bit lost in life, Poppy reaches out to Alex to try to rekindle their friendship with another budget trip to Palm Springs. Alex agrees, but things are still a bit awkward, not aided by the fact that they’re traveling in the peak heat of summer with no AC and problems galore!

I was immediately sucked into this book and it was the light hearted read that I needed to kick off my month! The book progresses with a narrative bouncing back and forth between this summer and the travels of summers past as the reader slowly catches up on Alex and Poppy’s history together and where things went off the rails.

I really loved the banter between Poppy and Alex and seeing their friendship and something more develop over the years. This was also a fun read because it provided several vicarious vacations in a single book, though the present day trip to Palm Springs left me feeling uncomfortable on their behalf! I’ve done Palm Springs in the heat of summer before, but we at least had a lovely air conditioned room to go back to!

This would be a fantastic beach read as we head on toward summer! PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION is out today!

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