Book Review

SHIVER by Allie Reynolds

Rating: 4.5 / 5

SHIVER by Allie Reynolds arrived in a recent adult Once Upon a Book Club book box and I was excited to start reading it right away in spite of a bunch of TBR books calling to me. I was in the mood for a good thriller and thankfully this fit the bill!

SHIVER follows Milla, part of a group of five friends gather for a reunion in the French Alps. This was the scene of her biggest highlights in her snowboarding career, but it was also the place where everything went wrong. Milla can’t resist the lure of the reunion or the invitation from Curtis. It has been ten years since their last season together, but secrets and tensions still hold strong.

If isn’t long after they gather at the seemingly abandoned resort when an icebreaker game brings up taboo subjects and they start to realize that they’ve been gathered here under false pretenses. They are alone and isolated with no easy way back down the mountain and someone doesn’t want them to make a clean escape.

This was a really fun read and exactly what I wanted going into it. The isolated setting and the idea of only being able to make it down the mountain by doing some precarious snowboarding made this an ideal environment for this kind of locked room (ish) mystery. The author managed to make the setting chilling and atmospheric!

This book goes back and forth between the present timeline and what happened ten years earlier that brought them to this point and the author did well maintaining the momentum with both. She threw in a lot of twists and secret reveals which kept which kept the pace moving well.

As always, opening up the book box gifts along the way added to the enjoyment and I flew through this entire book in about a day! If you’re looking for a great thriller, this is one I would definitely recommend!

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