Book Review

HOLLOW KINGDOM by Kira Jane Buxton

Rating: 4 / 5

I won a copy of HOLLOW KINGDOM by Kira Jane Buxton a while back and have been trying to get to it since then. When I pulled a prompt for a book set primarily outside and saw this one on the list it was finally time!

HOLLOW KINGDOM is narrative from a unique point of view. S.T. is a domesticated crow who lives with his colorful human until one day he notices his human has suddenly lost an eye. He seems obsessed with poking at a wall and is not keeping up with things like feeding their pet dog. Soon it is clear something more widespread is happening to the humans as they all have fallen to some strange new zombie virus.

With his dumb but loveable canine companion, S.T. sets out to try to find a cure for his human and answers to what is going on. Looked down upon by the local murder of crows, S.T. doesn’t have a lot of resources to go to for help, but he pursues answers all the same, often turning his human like insights into the world to his advantage.

This was such a fun and entertaining read! I had debated quite a bit if this would be a book for me, knowing going in that it is not for those wary of strong language, but I found myself settling into the narrative easily regardless. I loved all of the animals that wind up in the story and the different perspectives they bring. I haven’t always gotten along with animal narrators in other books, but I thought it worked really well with this one!

Given my pup’s recent acquisition of a blue footed booby toy from BarkBox, I was amused to suddenly be reading a book which references that particular bird a few times and of course had to include it in the picture!

I really enjoyed HOLLOW KINGDOM and will be looking forward to the follow up book FERAL CREATURES due out this summer!

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#PopsugarReadingChallenge – a book set entirely or mostly outdoors

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