Book Review

LAST SUMMER AT THE GOLDEN HOTEL by Elysa Friedland (Out Today!)

I received a gifted galley of LAST SUMMER AT THE GOLDEN HOTEL by Elysa Friedland for an honest review. Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review!

Publication Date: 5/25/2021

Rating: 4 / 5

LAST SUMMER AT THE GOLDEN HOTEL follows two families, the Goldmans and the Weingolds. The family patriarchs were best friends and opened the Golden Hotel together years ago. It was once the most popular Catskills vacation destination where families would book in for a summer of food and activities and fun. Over time, the families had a bit of a falling out and wound up taking separate vacations.

In the present day, the hotel has been long neglected and it has become run down and long loyal customers are no longer showing up. Though it was the scene of many happy family memories, the families are struggling. Three generations of the families are gathering together to see what can be done to save the Golden if anything or if this will be the last summer before it is sold to developers interested in the land.

This was a fun read that brought back family memories of my own. Though we weren’t the family who could take off for the summer to some destination vacation, my grandparents did treat the three generations of our family to a week’s vacation at a ranch resort every spring for a lot of years which was always a good time. I could feel for these families and their memories for the Golden Hotel and how heartbreaking it was to consider its loss.

Having three generations of the family together from those who founded the place to the social media savvy youngest generation with some wild ideas to revitalize the hotel, it made for some fun moments in the book. Each family has its own dramas in addition to the tensions between families which add to the fun as well.

I really enjoyed this one and it had me immediately needing to rewatch Dirty Dancing after I finished! LAST SUMMER AT THE GOLDEN HOTEL is out today and I encourage you to add this one to your TBR list!

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