Book Review

VENGEFUL by V.E. Schwab

Rating: 4 / 5

I have had a lot of fun buddy reading V.E. Schwab’s books with one of my best booksta friends. For April, we followed up VICIOUS with the second book in the Villians duology, VENGEFUL.

VENGEFUL is again set in a fairly normal world with the exception being that people of special abilities, Extraordinaries or EOs populate it. This book picks up where VICIOUS ends, dealing with the aftermath of all that happened in the prior novel’s conclusions. Where the first book follows former best friends Victor and Eli as they now each seek the other’s destruction, this book wraps in more points of view and side stories to expand the world view. Are all EOs dangerous and ought they to be wiped out entirely or is there room for compromise?

It is hard to say a lot about this one without spoilers for book one, but overall I really enjoyed this duology. I definitely did enjoy the first book more. Victor was one of my favorite characters and he had more of a presence in book one. While this isn’t a story where it is hard to identify a character who is purely “good”, Schwab really pulled off creating despicable characters that the reader can still feel a pull toward.

The ending of this one wasn’t quite what I wanted from it, but I still really am glad to have read these books. It is a series I would recommend and it definitely cements the idea that I want to read more from V.E. Schwab!

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