Book Review

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE By Carola Lovering

Rating: 3.5 / 5

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE By Carola Lovering is another BOTM book that I ordered and then ignored on the shelf. The BOTM backlist readathon in April finally got me to pick this one up!

TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE follows multiple POVs in multiple timelines. Skye has had a rough time after the death of her mother when she was a child which left her dealing with severe OCD. When her boyfriend Burke proposes, she seems to have overcome her romantic challenges to embrace a good future.

Unfortunately, Burke isn’t who he portrays himself to be. A second perspective is introduced with Burke’s letters to his therapist. These reveal he is manipulating Skye, though his reasons aren’t initially clear. The third perspective gives even more cause to question Burke. From thirty years prior to Skye’s relationship with Burke, Heather is a young woman trying to make a break from Burke to leave him the past and create a new life for herself.

While this wasn’t a favorite for me, this was a very bingeable and entertaining read and I am glad I was prompted to pick it up. The multiple perspectives and the different time period jump kept me guessing how all of these story lines would come together in the end.

It is hard to say too much without giving spoilers, so I will keep this review short. This one did keep me guessing and had some surprises for me along the way. If you enjoy narrators that will have you questioning everyone, this might be a book to look out for!

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