Book Review

FAR GONE by Danielle Girard (Out 6/15/2021!)

I received a gifted copy of FAR GONE from the author Danielle Girard through Netgalley.

Publication Date: 6/15/2021

Rating: 4.5 / 5

FAR GONE is book two in the author’s Badlands Thrillers series. It begins with a young girl named Hannah showing up for a babysitting job only to witness the brutal shooting of the parents who hired her, unseen by the killer. Detective Kylie Milliard gets the 911 call, but Hannah is no longer on scene. While on shift as a nurse at the hospital where Hannah’s dad works, Lily finds herself wrapped into the aftermath of the shooting.

I enjoyed Danielle Girard’s WHITE OUT last year so I was excited to read the second installment in the series. I have to say that I loved this one even more! This book jumps right into the action with Hannah watching a double murder occurring right in front of her, fearing for her own life. The reader is kept in suspense right along with her wondering if and how she’ll escape this situation. This book does not shy away from the gore and the gun violence, so do keep this in mind.

Hannah was an interesting character and one prone to making some bad choices, starting with showing up to baby sit high. Still, she’s a 14-year old kid dealing with family issues at home and thrust into an impossible decision. Between the drugs in her system and the trauma she’s experienced, she makes some bad decisions trying to run away and hide, but she kept me hooked needing her to make it to safety.

We are getting the perspectives of Kylie and Lily who both return from book one in addition to Hannah. Knowing the details of book one and their background certainly helped, but this book would work as a stand alone as well.

This one kept up a quick pace and had some twists I didn’t predict. FAR GONE is out on 6/15/2021 and I would recommend it to the thriller fans!

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