Book Review

MOTHER MAY I by Joshilyn Jackson

Rating: 4.5 / 5

MOTHER MAY I by Joshilyn Jackson was our Mother’s Day book pick for the #SaturdayBookstaClub on Bookstagram. We like to settle in for the holidays with a bit of a dark twist!

MOTHER MAY I follows Bree, a mother with two little girls and a baby boy. While her husband Trey is away for work, she’s doing her best to juggle life and motherhood and is hoping to bow out of a work event in the evening in favor of staying home with her children. Life just doesn’t turn out that way.

When her back is turned for no more than a moment, her baby boy is taken and the old woman that Bree has seen around suddenly seems more sinister. She has a job for Bree to do if she wants her son back alive. It isn’t something Bree feels good about, but she’ll do anything for her son. Still, when things take a devastating turn, she must seek help to try to get her son back.

This was a wild ride and I was instantly captivated trying to work out what was going on. Bree and the woman on the phone both comes from rather poor beginnings even though Bree and her family are now quite well off. It was a very interesting dynamic to see the ways in which these two women were very similar even as they were opponents in this very tough standoff.

I think it is good to go into this one not knowing too much because it definitely took some turns I didn’t expect. At the midway chat point our buddy read groups had some good theories, but none of us fully predicted the ending for this one!

This is one I would recommend to the thriller fans!

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