Book Review

THE MIME ORDER by Samantha Shannon

Rating: 4.5 / 5

I really loved my read of THE BONE SEASON by Samantha Shannon recently, so was very excited to pick up the next in the series, THE MIME ORDER. I had heard that the books continue to get to better and I was not disappointed! Kylee also didn’t mind bringing back the bone related series and the bone related treats!

THE BONE SEASON is set in a futuristic London with Victorian style aesthetics. Clairvoyance (magic) is strictly forbidden and those who use it must fly under the radar forming underground gangs to make a living. In book one we followed Paige as she was arrested for her power and taken into captivity and explaining pretty much anything after that would be a major spoiler. There really isn’t a lot to say about book two without giving too much away.

I loved the way this book picks up in the midst of the action from where book one ended. It really took off running and kept up a good pace. This book gives move insight into the world of the underground gangs and the politics therein. I found this all very interesting without feeling like the author was duping too much information at any given time. We got to revisit characters from book ones – ones I loved and ones I loved to hate – and we got some new faces as well!

This book wound up being a favorite read for me this month and had I not already had such a packed TBR, I would have happily picked up book three immediately! THE SONG RISING will definitely be in my hands very soon this month!

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