Book Review


I received a complimentary egalley of SURVIVE THE NIGHT by Riley Sager for an honest review. Thank you to Dutton Books and Netgalley!

Rating: 4 / 5

SURVIVE THE NIGHT is set in 1991. Charlie is a college student who has just been through yet another traumatic loss with the murder of her best friend by the Campus Killer. Feeling guilt and grief, Charlie has decided that she needs to go home. At the rides board she meets Josh, a total stranger but one heading in the same direction as she needs to go. With few options, Charlie agrees to take a ride with him to get home.

It isn’t far into their journey when Charlie begins to question Josh’s true motives for giving her a ride. He claims that he needs to be home to care for an ailing father, but some of the things he says hit Charlie wrong. Charlie has doubts about her own perceptions after she was unable to describe the man she saw with her best friend on the night she was killed, so she second and third guesses every suspicion she has about Josh.

Riley Sager is an auto-read author for me and I didn’t read any of the synopsis for this one before requesting a copy. I wouldn’t say this was a favorite thriller read for me as there was quite a bit that I predicted coming, but I still really enjoyed the ride.

This plays on the idea of an unreliable narrator in a way where Charlie is unreliable even to herself. She can’t be sure of what she’s seeing and what she’s imagining in her horror movie loving mind. The reader has much more insight than Charlie into what is real and what is not, but there are still a lot of questions along the way. Sager did manage to throw in some twists that I didn’t expect along the way as well.

While not my favorite Sager read, this was still a lot of fun and and easy, gripping read that I flew through over a weekend! SURVIVE THE NIGHT comes out on July 6!

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