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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday book friends! I hope this week is off to a great start for everyone. The weekend was a very productive reading week with a few online #whateverthon reading sprints and lots of time snuggling in with my pup and my books. I actually managed to finish up most of my in progress reads yesterday, so I’m diving into some new books today.

If you happened to see my Bookstagram stories recently, you may have seen that I’ve been doing some polls to pick my next reads. This is in part because its one of the #whateverthon prompts to have a book picked by poll, but also because it is fun. Over the weekend I decided to give my pup Kylee a chance to pick one of my reads and she of course picked the biggest book option.

So for today’s currently reading post, I have started Kylee’s pick MASTER OF SORROWS by Justin T. Call. I’ve only read the prologue so far. A baby has been born and found to be imperfect. This means that both his parents must be killed and the baby is to be left in the woods to die. Instead, the baby is rescued and those looking to sacrifice him are the ones killed instead. I believe we will be following this child as he grows up. I have seen a few glowing reviews for this one, so it is one I’m excited to get into! It is dark and easy to settle into and I’ve heard the audio is great as well.

I do have a couple other active reads at the moment:

ONE LAST STOP by Casey McQuiston follows a young 20-something August who is new to New York. She’s lucked into a good living situation with some interesting new friends and a job waiting tables. When she locks eyes with a woman on the train, there’s an instant connection. She soon finds out that this woman, Jane, can’t leave the train and is in fact from the 1970s. I’m enjoying the fun characters and the mystery of Jane while the romance portions may be less for me. I am wrapping this one up on audio this morning.

VERY SINCERELY YOURS by Kerry Winfrey (out from Berkley on 6/15/2021) is another romance. This one follows Teddy, a young woman who works in a toy shop and and loves to watch a puppet show aimed at children. The star of the show is Everett. The two strike up an email correspondence and of course begin to fall for each other. As their lives begin to intertwine in ways they don’t know, the inevitable meetup is coming. This one is a sweet, easy read so far!

I have these to finish up, plus a couple buddy reads to get to by the weekend, so I’m looking forward to some more good reading time this week! What are you reading this week? I’d love to hear!

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