Book Review


I received a gifted copy of THE ART OF BEING A SCHOOL COUNSELOR by Nancy L. Regas from the author for an honest review.

Rating: 5 / 5

THE ART OF BEING A SCHOOL COUNSELOR: LEADING WITH CONFIDENCE, COMPASSION, AND AUTHENTICITY is written to share a wealth of knowledge and experience to school counselors, those who want to be more to their students than the person who tells them what classes to take and when. It is full of tips and tricks and examples from the author’s own work with students to help them find their passions and their potential.

Nancy Regas was trained to become a licensed therapist but soon found that traditional therapy was not the right fit for her. Going back to school toward a goal of becoming a school counselor, she found her life’s calling. She shares her insights into her professions, admitting to the potential frustrations and celebrating the successes that make this retired counselor someone that former students still seek out.

While I knew that I wasn’t necessarily the target audience for this particular book, I do work with a youth program where youth come out of high school without the support that they need to have a firm footing in their future so I found this subject very compelling. More than just getting necessary classes, this book speaks to the the counselor’s role as it relates to the life lessons students must learn. Life skills like prioritization and responsibility will be needed throughout life.

I really appreciated how the author breaks down the different relationships a counselor must have with administration, teachers, and parents, all while making sure the student is always at the center of the focus. There are numerous tips that she shares to help get students on the right foot to start each day and each class in the best possible way. All is done with the utmost respect for each individual.

While this book is addressed to school counselors, it would be of benefit to anyone in or around the school environment, whether they be admins in upper management or parents delivering the same life lessons at home.

THE ART OF BEING A SCHOOL COUNSELOR was listed as a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Awards in the Education category and it is an honor well deserved. This book is available now!

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