Book Review

THE SWAP by Robyn Harding

Rating: 4 / 5

I really enjoyed THE ARRANGEMENT by Robyn Harding when I received it in a book box, so her newest book THE SWAP went right onto my TBR. I’m overdue on my review for this one (I actually read it back in March) because it was a tough one to wrap my thoughts around!

THE SWAP follows Low Morrison, a teen girl who has a lot of freedom but doesn’t really find a place to belong. When she meets Freya, a woman who was once a social media darling, Low is instantly intrigued. Freya now creates beautiful pottery and Low joins her for to learn pottery making herself. Freya uses Low as a confidant which only encourages Low’s obsession more.

When Freya makes a new friend, Low feels left out in the cold. When Freya and her new friend Jamie have a drunken dinner party with their partners, the idea of partner swapping comes up. This leads to a lot of questions of did they or didn’t they with Low, the unknown witness outside.

This book was easy to get hooked into, though there really weren’t any particularly likeable characters. They are characters that it is fun to read about, but not people you would want to actually know in real life. Low’s obsession is somewhat understandable because Freya seems to be the first person to really show signs of friendship and affection for her. Still, from the outside looking in, it is clear that Freya is using Low for engagement because she’s there.

Harding did a fantastic job of keeping the questions coming with twists that I sometimes saw coming, but still kept me hooked to see how they would play out. This is a highly bingeable read!

If you enjoy a good book about adults behaving very badly, this might be the read for you!

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