Book Review

HAIRPIN BRIDGE by Taylor Adams (Out Today!)

I received a gifted copy of HAIRPIN BRIDGE by Taylor Adams from William Morrow Books!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

HAIRPIN BRIDGE begins three months after Lena’s estranged twin sister Cambry jumped to her death off a bridge in Montana. The case was ruled an obvious suicide, but Lena isn’t so sure. Now, Lena has come to Montana to get answers from Corporal Raymond Raycevic, the man who both last saw Cambry alive and who discovered her body.

The second I heard Taylor Adams had another book coming out, I added it to my TBR. I loved his debut, NO EXIT, and credit it with reviving my love of thrillers after reading primarily literary fiction over the couple years prior. I didn’t even fully read the synopsis for this before requesting a copy and I’m actually glad I went into this blind.

This book is written in multiple points of view, three of them coming from Lena. We’re following Lena in the present day as she confronts Ray, but we’re also reading her blog post from before she went to meet him and we’re also getting her account of what she believes happened to Cambry over her final days. Lena admits she can’t know all the details, but feels that as Cambry’s twin she has the best insights into how her sister would have thought and what she would have done. I really loved how the author played these different narratives against each other.

This is a book that takes you to some pretty dark places and it isn’t shy with the gore and in that I felt it had a lot of similarity with No Exit. Also similar, the events of this book play out over a very limited setting and a very limited time span. I wouldn’t necessarily say the pace is slow, but I can see where that might be a complaint for some. Given the structure of the book and the shifting narratives between perspectives and time periods, the whole book is not nonstop action. Still, I was gripped throughout to keep reading and surprised by the twists the author threw in.

I will be waiting (not so) patiently for the next Taylor Adams book, but in the meantime I’ll go ahead and recommend this one to the thriller fans! HAIRPIN BRIDGE is out today!

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