Book Review

THE DROWNING KIND by Jennifer McMahon

Rating: 4.5 / 5

THE DROWNING KIND by Jennifer McMahon was our second May book pick for the #SaturdayBookstaClub on Bookstagram. I had not read anything from this author before, but had been wanting to!

THE DROWNING KIND follows Jax, a social worker who has grown pretty distant from her older sister Lexie. Lexie is mentally ill and prone to mania, so when she calls her numerous times in a single evening, Jax assumes it is just more of the same. The next day she gets word that her sister has drowned in the pool of the family estate.

Jax immediately heads home to find the house left to Lexie by their grandmother in complete disarray. Clearly having been symptomatic, Lexie has left notes everywhere about the pool, the same one they once played in as kids, joking about it being bottomless. As Jax looks into what her sister was doing, she realizes that not everything Lexie believed was a delusion.

In an alternate timeline beginning in 1929, Ethel is a young woman dealing with infertility. When her husband takes her away on vacation where the natural spring waters are rumored to have miraculous qualities, but there are repercussions to getting what you most desire.

This book did a fantastic job of building up the eerie atmospheric suspense. This is a book I might hesitate to read alone in the dark, especially if I had a pool out back! The pool has long been linked to tragedies and loss, but also linked to sightings of those who may not entirely be staying dead.

The reviews were a bit mixed in our buddy read chat and I do think there were some questions that we didn’t get a satisfying answer for, but overall I really enjoyed the experience with this book. I definitely want to pick up more from Jennifer McMahon in the future!

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