THE FIANCÉE by Kate White (Out 6/29/21!)

I received a gifted copy of THE FIANCÉE by Kate White from Harper Perennial for an honest review.

Rating: 4 / 5

Publication Date: 6/29/2021

THE FIANCÉE takes place in a family vacation home. Summer, her husband Gabe and step-son are joining her in-laws for an annual family vacation and their gorgeous estate. Anticipating a nice break from her less than successful acting career, Summer is looking forward to good meals, time with her beloved mother-in-law and family fun with the pool and tennis court. What no one anticipated is that the lone single brother-in-law would bring home a woman.

Summer actually knows this Hannah, though Hannah isn’t initially inclined to admit it. She seems the perfect girl, an actor with actual success, able to bond with each of Summer’s sisters-in-law. Catching Hannah in a few lies, Summer suspects ill intent, but only Gabe’s mother seems inclined to agree. When the family is hit by tragedy, Summer believes that Hannah is somehow to blame, but she doesn’t know how to go about proving it.

I really enjoyed THE FIANCÉE, flying through it quickly, not wanting to put it down. Hannah is highly suspicious from the very beginning with her instant ability to integrate herself into the family, bonding easily with nearly everyone, but in a way that seems to easy. Still, the author does cast some doubt on Summer’s feelings for Hannah. Hannah has achieved some apparent success in acting where Summer has not and there is some jealousy coloring things there as well.

This book also managed to throw some twists at me that I didn’t see coming which I always appreciate. While I could understand Summer’s need for answers, she also made some decisions that had me questioning if she would get the right answers. I was hanging on to the very end waiting to see exactly how things would play out for everyone!

THE FIANCÉE is out on June 29, 2021! This was my first book by Kate White, but I will be looking to pick up more!

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