Book Review


I received a complimentary audiobook copy of THE ANATOMY OF DESIRE by L.R. Dorn for an honest review. Thank you to Harper Audio, Libro FM, and the authors for the chance to read and review!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE ANATOMY OF DESIRE is set up as a true crime podcast. had what appeared to be a perfect, glamorous life. After moving away from her ultra religious and ultra conservative parents, she has taken her life in a different direction as Cleo, and she has done so very successfully. She was a popular influencer on social media, dating a guy who was similarly successful.

In spite of all this, Cleo and another woman named Beck went canoeing on a mountain lake and only Cleo came back alive. Beck is found dead in the water while Cleo is found meeting up with her boyfriend and his friends for a device free weekend. The story asks what exactly was going on between Cleo and Beck and how did Cleo just walk away?

I really loved how the audiobook for this one was done. It has a huge cast of narrators to voice the different parts and is fully set up like an actual series of podcast episodes with interviews and investigations. It presents the story as it has been told up to a certain point and then continues to follow along as stories shift when the trial looms closer. We get to follow along with the trial and the outcomes as well. While there were some twists I anticipated, there were also some I did not and I loved getting those small surprises along the way!

This is marketed as a retelling, something I saw after I had already listened to it. I was not overly familiar with the original Theodore Dreiser novel in order to form an opinion of how it compares to the original. I found this a very enjoyable listen and I would highly recommend consuming this one via audiobook!

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