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Monday Reading Check In

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This was my first weekend in a while where I didn’t actually have plans, so I fully embraced staying home with the pup and my books and the TV! This week I start going back to the office 3 days per week and I’ll have to see how that goes. Two days a week this past month has already been exhausting.

I started BLOOD CHILD by Octavia E. Butler last night. This is a collection of short stories with a couple essays in the mix. When I pulled a reading prompt to read a book by the author of one of my favorite 2020 reads, Octavia E. Butler was one of the first who came to mind (I loved reading THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER last year). When I was poking around deciding which of her books to pick up next, I found this collection.

I wasn’t aware that Octavia E. Butler had written short stories and from her introduction, she actually didn’t like writing short stories. She says that many of her attempts at short stories became full novels because that is what they were meant to be from the beginning. Still, she came up with a few that truly were meant to be short stories and so far I’m really enjoying them. They are a bit on the gory and dark side and I was fully sucked into the two stories I read so far. Each story comes with an afterward from the author where she talks about where the idea came from and the concepts she was exploring which is something I love in collections like this!

I have a couple other books on the go for buddy reads this week:

THE FINAL GIRL SUPPORT GROUP by Grady Hendrix (out from Berkley on 7/13) is a highly anticipated read for me after loving THE SOUTHERN BOOK CLUB’S GUIDE TO SLAYING VAMPIRES. This follows a group of final girls, women who were once young girls who became the last survivor of a mass killing by killing the attacker. Now older, these women are slightly less in the spotlight but they still seek comfort from their long time support group. We’re following Lynnette, one of the final girls, as the world begins to come apart again when someone fails to show up to a meeting. I’m about 15% in and I’m hooked! It is already action packed and I can’t wait to see where it is going.

THE SEVEN DAY SWITCH by Kelly Harms (out from Lake Union Publishing on 7/1) is a book I’m reading as part of a Let’s Talk Books promotional tour. This pits a working mom and a stay at home mom against each other and then has them body swap a la Freaky Friday. Neither of the ladies is particularly lovable in the beginning which is I’m sure the intent to allow them each to have some personal growth throughout the book. Even not loving either character just yet, I am loving the humor and fun this book entails. You definitely have to suspend some disbelief, but it is a fun read I look forward to finishing!

I am hoping to pick up maybe a book or two more before the month ends, but we’ll see how that goes. What are you looking to finish up for June?

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