Book Review

FALLING by T.J. Newman (Out 7/6/2021)

I received an Advanced Reader Copy of FALLING by T.J. Newman for an honest review. Thank you to Avid Reader Press for the ARC!

Publication Date: 7/6/2021

Rating: 4.5 / 5

In FALLING, Bill Hoffman is called in to work on his day off. If it was anyone else calling he’d likely decline, but when the head of the company puts in the request, Bill puts on his pilot uniform and reports to duty for a Los Angeles to New York flight. This leaves his wife and son understandably upset as he has to break his promises to them, but Bill is sure he can work things out with them later.

Bill reports to work, business as usual. It isn’t until things are well underway that he learns that his wife and son have been kidnapped and that the only way they will survive is if he brings his plane down, killing himself, the crew and all the passengers. He is warned that the kidnappers have back up plans, but he of course doesn’t know what those are. Still, Bill is determined to find another solution.

Summer is a time when people often gravitate to light and fun beach reads. Me, I like to go with hard core thrillers when the weather turns hot and this was exactly the book I was looking for. The book begins with Bill’s home life and his marital strife and it took me a little bit to settle in to the story, but once the action picked up (which didn’t take long), I was in for the long haul and finished the book in essentially a single sitting!

This book was packed full of adventure and twists that managed to surprise me a few times. We’re following the action on the plane and on the ground and it is well paced in the way it handles both. I also love that the author was a bookseller and a flight attendant and spent time thinking up this wild plot while staffing flights around the country! Working right next door to LAX, I also had fun reading about some familiar sights!

If you are a fan of fun, action packed thrillers, then I would recommend you add FALLING to your reading list! FALLING is out next Tuesday, 7/6/2021!

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