Book Review


I received a complimentary copy of THE SEVEN DAY SWITCH by Kelly Harms as part of a scheduled Let’s Talk Books promotional tour! Thank you to Lake Union Publishing and the author!

Rating: 4 / 5

THE SEVEN DAY SWITCH begins with two feuding moms and neighbors, Wendy and Celeste. Wendy is a working mom, supporting her slacker artist husband and two children on her business helping people to live more productive lives. Celeste is a stay at home mother of three with a supportive husband. Celeste is the mom who cooks all organic foods, keeps the kids busy and off the TV, and (in Wendy’s opinion) constantly puts the working moms to shame.

After a bit too much sangria (over which they are yet again competing, of course), the two feuding moms both go to bed and wake up not where they expect… a body swap has occurred! They decide to keep this all a secret from the husbands and the kids and everyone else, stepping into each other’s very different life until they can work out a way to get themselves back.

This is a book you absolutely need to suspend your sense of disbelief for, but once you do it is so much fun! This is not my typical read and I did have a few reservations about reading a book all about feuding moms, not being a mom myself. I needn’t have worried because I was easily caught up in the feud and the humor of the novel!

These aren’t women who I found extremely loveable to begin with. They are very caught up in their own lives, passing judgement on each other even though they really don’t know each other. The author gives these women a lot of room for personal growth through the novel, even as they fight it at every turn. Still, this all puts together some really hilarious content!

If you’re looking for a fun read, THE SEVEN DAY SWITCH is out today!

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