Book Review

MALIBU RISING by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I received a gifted copy of MALIBU RISING by Taylor Jenkins Reid from Random House (and some new sunglasses)!

Rating: 4.5 / 5

MALIBU RISING follows two timelines. In 1983, it is the day of Nina Riva’s big summer party in Malibu. It’s a party where you never know what famous face might make an appearance and you never know what will happen. Nina is the mother hen for her three siblings, though she’s struggling on a personal level after a very painful breakup in the public eye. The night of the party will bring a lot of issues to a head.

The other timeline belongs to her parents. Mick Riva rose to fame, but he failed as a husband and father. His wife June sacrificed so much of herself for the husband she loves and her children, but got little back that she deserved from Mick.

I went into MALIBU RISING expecting to love it and was not disappointed! I joined the #notyomamasbookclub buddy read hosted by @downtogetthefictionon and @Kraysbookclub and had a lot of fun discussing it with the group.

There is something about Taylor Jenkins Reid’s writing that is just so easy to settle into and comforting, even when the material itself isn’t the most comforting. These characters are all on edge, battling issues of identity, abandonment and strife in the family. It took a bit to get settled in to who each of the siblings was in the present timeline and what each of their stories were, but once things got moving, I did really enjoy it. I really enjoyed finding the easter eggs to her past novels as well!

This is for sure one that I would recommend (even if it pains me a bit to call the 80s ‘historical’ given that I lived through them)! Though I didn’t live anywhere quite so fancy as Malibu Rising there were a lot of moments of nostalgia in this book for SoCal summers spent sandy and happy at the beach.

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