Book Review

SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo

Rating: 4 / 5

I really enjoyed the SIX OF CROWS duology when I read it last year, so I have been wanting to read more by Leigh Bardugo. The SHADOW AND BONE trilogy actually happens prior to the duology so I’m reading a bit out of order, but I did want to pick this up before watching the Netflix adaptation.

SHADOW AND BONE is set in Ravka, a world that overtaken in party by the Shadow Fold, a darkness inhabited by deadly monsters. The book follows Alina, a young woman who suddenly discovers that she possesses a great magic when it is triggered by imminent danger to her best friend in the Fold. Once a lowly orphan, Alina soon finds she’s prized. Her power may be just what the world needs to battle the darkness that has overtaken the once great Ravka if the power can be put to the right use.

While I loved SIX OF CROWS, it did take a bit to get settled into the book and the world. That was not the case with SHADOW AND BONE as I was instantly hooked on Alina’s story. This is likely in part because this book brings a single POV instead of a large cast of characters. It is also just an easier, lighter read I think! The story does take some good twists as Alina discovers there is more to those around her than she first believed.

This book brought a good mix of personal development, high action, and interesting magic and I really look forward to continuing the trilogy. I’m not sure if one must read the full three books to avoid spoilers in the TV adaptation or not, but since I enjoyed book one I do hope to get through the next two books very soon!

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