Book Review

A WINTER’S PROMISE by Christelle Dabos

Rating: 4 / 5

A WINTER’S PROMISE by Christelle Dabos, translated by Hildegarde Serle, is the first book in The Mirror Visitor Quartet, originally written in French. I had had this series on my radar and then I won a copy of book two in the series last year, so it was high time I finally picked up book one!

A WINTER’S PROMISE is set in a world which has been broken apart. Following The Rupture, the world is now made up of floating islands called arks, each a world unto itself. The worlds operate largely on their own with limited trade and politics between different arcs.

Ophelia has the ability to communicate with objects, learning their past with a touch. She also has the ability to travel through mirrors, though it it something easier said than done and her travels haven’t left her unscathed. Ophelia likes her life on the Ark of Anima, but she is sent to wed Thorn, a man from a powerful family on a distant Ark.

This book is beautifully written and translated and I really enjoyed it! It is definitely much more world and character driven than plot driven and even after finishing, I am not entirely clear where the plot is going to take the series. Still, it is an ambitious world build that the author needs to bring us with fun fantastical elements like the scarf Ophelia wears which has a mind of its own! Given that this is book one of four, I suspect the plot will develop more as the series continues.

When I first got book two, it was the most recent book translated (though the series was complete in French), which led to some of my procrastination to start. I do see that the fourth and final book is due out in English later this year, so I do look forward to continuing on!

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