Book Review

FELIX EVER AFTER by Kacen Callender

Rating: 4.5 / 5

FELIX EVER AFTER follows the title character who is still figuring out his identity as a Black and transgender young man. Felix’s last name is Love, but he’s never been in love, though he desperately wants to be.

When Felix starts receiving anonymous messages full of transphobia, Felix thinks he knows who is to blame. The bully then publicly posts his pictures along with his dead name and Felix is set on revenge. He catfishes his likely suspect, but is surprised to find that the relationship gets complicated and it moves beyond just a revenge scenario.

I found this to be a really fantastic and engaging read. Felix is an impressive young man who really shows that everyone struggles with identity. He’s proud of who he is as a transgender man, but he knows there is still more about himself to uncover.

This is definitely YA and there is some impetuous decision making that I couldn’t personally agree with,/ but it is something that I could find entirely believable for Felix’s age. He put up with a lot of heartbreaking hate which was all too believable as well. Felix has a father who wants to be supportive, but is still struggling in his own understanding as well.

Overall this is a fantastic read and one I would absolutely recommend!

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