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Rating: 5 / 5

MASTER OF SORROWS by Justin T. Call is the first installment in the new The Silent Gods series. It begins with both birth and death. Annev is born imperfect which is a sure sign to their people that he isn’t worthy of life. His parents are murdered and he is taken out into the woods to die. Instead, his would be killer is the one to die and Annev is taken in by an old priest and raised among those who wished him dead. With the use of an artifact that covers for his missing arm, Annev is able to hide in plain sight.

Now, at seventeen years of age, Annev is reaching maturity. He has been raised at the Academy and he seeks to rise in the ranks, but doing so tests his loyalties and his morality. He must make decisions about killing without cause to follow orders and what loyalty means to him when it comes to his friends and the only father figure he’s known. He must also face the questions of his own origins and whether he was born with darkness that should have been snuffed out when he was a baby.

I had seen a few raving reviews about how great this book was on BookTube, so I went into it with high expectations and I am happy to say this book measured up! I was immediately drawn into the story and Annev’s life. The world itself is full of magics that are interesting to explore, especially in how the students are taught to perceive them. Artifacts are both sought out and also feared, often with good reason. Still it is an artifact that mask’s Annev’s malformed arm which allows him to hide in plain sight from those who would despise him if he knew the truth.

This book left me eager for more in the best way and I can’t wait to get the next installment into my hands (MASTER ARTIFICER just came out in May) to see what is next for Annev.

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